Uploading Files

Upload from Revit to Trimble Connect

To upload files from Revit

  1. Create a Project in Trimble Connect Browser or Windows.

  2. Start Revit.

  3. Open the model .

  4. Start the File Uploader Add-In.

  5. Sign in with your Trimble Connect account.
    Check “Stay signed in” to automatically login the next time you use the Add-In.

  6. The Revit Add-In will then load the Trimble Connect project directory listing.

7. Double click the project and double click on the folder that you want to upload the Revit file to.

8. Select “Upload” once the folder has been selected and the uploading process will begin.

9. A message appears about the used Coordinate System, click on OK to continue.

10. Trimble Connect will now automatically upload the revit model, and make a viewable model by also creating an IFC model in the background, while maintaining the original filename for reference purposes.

11. Click on Close after the Process has been completed.

You can now go back to the Trimble Connect platform and view the .RVT file.

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