Viewing Revit Files(BETA)


It is now possible to add Revit (.RVT) model files to the project and view them in 3D using the Connect for Windows application.

This feature is not intended to replace the Trimble Connect for Revit Add-In which gives the most control over choosing which views get uploaded and other upload settings. Rather, this feature offers a quick, but less controlled, way of getting Revit models into Connect without having to install the Connect for Revit Add-In.

View in Trimble Connect for Windows

To view in Trimble Connect for Windows

  1. Using the file explorer, navigate to a Revit (.RVT) file and select it.

  2. Click the View button.

  3. Once the file has been processed it will appear in the 3D viewer.
    Note that the processing result depends on the naming conventions that were used during the creation of the RVT file in the authoring application.

Once your file has finished processing, you can then upload it to the server where it can be viewed in the Browser application.

View in Trimble Connect for Browser’s 3D Viewer

A Revit file can have multiple views in it. Trimble Connect for Windows uses the following rules to determine which view gets selected for rendering. The rules are evaluated in numerical order:

To view in Trimble Connect for Browser's 3D Viewer

  1. Open your project in Trimble Connect for Browser.

  2. Go to the Explorer page.

  3. Select a file by selecting clicking anywhere in the row
    Note: clicking the file name will open the file in the Viewer application automatically.

  4. To view the file, click the View button or the model thumbnail in the Details panel on the right-side.

  5. The 3D application will open in a new tab.

  6. Once the file processing is complete, your model is ready to view


If the conversion is complete but you are not seeing your model, it may be because of the zoom level. In the Overflow Menu - select the option Fit to View.

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