Upload Revit Files(BETA)


Uploading and Viewing Revit Files using Trimble Connect for Windows is an early access beta feature which has limited support for Revit file versions. The following Revit file formats are not supported by the beta: Revit 2023, Revit 2024, Revit 2025. 

For best results with latest Revit file formats use the Trimble Connect for Revit Add-In to upload Revit files. 

This beta feature is not intended to replace the Trimble Connect for Revit Add-In which gives the widest support for Revit file formats, most control over choosing which views get uploaded and other upload settings. 

Upload Your File

To upload a Revit file 

The Revit file will be added and begin assimilation in the Windows application.

Once your file has finished processing, you can then upload it to the server where it can be viewed in the Browser application.